"Empowering Women will lead ALL of us to Success."

We believe pageantry should be more about empowering women! For this reason one (1) hour a day during Internationals Finals will be declared EMPOWER HOUR!


What is Empower Hour? Think of TED TALK(s). 

SPEAKERS  |  Women: Industry Leaders, Activists, Titleholders, Contestants, Moms, Sisters, Aunts & any Woman wanting to empower other Women.
TOPICS  | Life Stories, How to... , Motivational Speech, Life Lessons, Business, Love, Relationships, etc.
TIME LENGTH  |  Each Speaker generally talks for two to fifteen minutes. 
While we encourage all of our contestants to be a speaker it is not required and has no bearing on scores. 
Not Competing but want to Join Us for Empower Hour? $250 gives you access to all Empower Hour(s) during pageant week. Includes 1 ticket to International Finals.
Interested in becoming a speaker email us



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